Oceania, the region covering the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean, includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country with an economy driven by mining-related exports, telecommunications, banking and manufacturing. Australia offers some of the world’s most ‘liveable’ cities including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth and with the world’s twelfth largest economy, Australia remains a key global player.

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  • The Japan Times – New Zealand Report 2021

    In November 2020, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern held a telephone talk, during which they reaffirmed their commitment to further strengthening the Strategic Cooperative Partnership, founded on common values and a strong commitment to peace and security, free trade and investment and sustainable development. One example of this partnership is the hydrogen-energy sector. New Zealand is rich in renewable energy resources, including — but not limited to — hydro, geothermal and wind power, which all can...
  • The Japan Times – New Zealand 2018

    As investment opportunities continue to create strong business ventures and close partnerships, the New Zealand economy is attracting increased global attention. The country’s 4.6 million ‘Kiwis’ have a well-known passion for sports. New Zealand is home to defending World Rugby Cup Champions the ‘All Blacks’ and the country is current holder of the prestigious America’s Cup. This spirit of competition plays an important role in New Zealand society. Comparable to the nations’ sporting achievements, the country’s economy ranks high in gender equality, economic freedom and ‘ease of doing business.’
  • The Japan Times – Australia Report 2018

    Australia and Japan celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Japan-Australia Commerce Agreement in 2017. The relationship has continued to prosper under the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) which entered into force in January 2015. The two countries remain firm partners today and enjoy a relationship based on mutual trust, shared values and common interests. Ambassador Sumio Kusaka shared his insights in to the Australia-Japan relationship with Synergy Media Specialists (SMS).
  • South China Morning Post – Australia Mining Report 2012

    Investments in Australia’s resource sector have enabled the country to develop a world class mining industry and become a key partner for China.
  • Foreign Policy – Australia 2012

    With its competitive economy and strong trade links, Australia continues to strengthen its ties with neighbouring Asia Pacific countries while recognising that the US remains its most important economic partner.