Revolutionary Cylinder Lubrication Solutions

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Revolutionary Cylinder Lubrication Solutions


Rasmus Hans Jensen,
Vice President and Sales Director,
Hans Jensen Lubricators

As China’s shipbuilding industry continues to develop, international companies are increasing their efforts to deliver high quality environmentally friendly products to customers in China. Established in 1917, Hans Jensen Lubricators continues to operate as a family owned company and is committed to the future development of its business in China.

Focused on the development, production, marketing and service of cylinder lubrication for two-stroke marine diesel engines, Hans Jensen Lubricators today delivers products to Chinese engine manufacturers such as Dalian Marine Diesel, Yichang Marine Diesel Engine and Hudong Heavy Machinery.

Rasmus Hans Jensen, Vice President and Sales Director says, “We offer a number of different cylinder lubrication systems for the maritime industry and the power plant sector worldwide. Our innovative product developments, creative solutions and efficient delivery have won us a great deal of business in China, among others with our patented HJ SIP cylinder lubrication solutions, which offer the possibility of the lowest cylinder oil consumption available on the market”.

The company established a sales and representative office in Shanghai, China in 2006 in cooperation with West Diesel. The company, Danish China Marine Supply, has ensured the company remains close to its mainland customers.

Mr. Jensen explains, “Having a local presence in China has enabled us to better serve our customers within China’s marine industry. Just as Chinese shipyards and engine manufacturers have been keen to partner with reliable companies, we are totally committed to our valued partners in China”.

The Chinese market increasingly represents a significant portion of Hans Jensen Lubricators’ business and Mr. Jensen expects business in China to develop greatly in the future:

“It is essential for us to be locally represented in China and we employ local staff to facilitate business. We have a quality product with a proud history – I am the fourth generation to have worked for the company. We know how important it is to penetrate the Chinese market, and though we have succeeded in China, we will continue to work hard to nurture our business there”.

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