Singapore plays a key role in TMEIC’s success

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Singapore plays a key role in TMEIC’s success

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) has successfully become a leader in the design, development and engineering of advanced automation systems, variable speed drives and large rotating machinery.The company serves the oil and gas, material handling, metals, mining, and industrial sectors, among others.

TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd., the company’s regional headquarters in Singapore, is reaching out to customers across Southeast Asia. The company opened its subsidiary in Indonesia last year and most recently established a Thailand office to provide sales, engineering and services to customers. “It is very important for us to establish a local presence to serve our customers more efficiently and to be in a better position to penetrate the local market,” says Dr. Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd. “Thailand has a very strong industrial base and we were encouraged to establish our office there to capitalize on opportunities and

Japan - Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd.

Stefano Poli, President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd

to engage with our customers including PTT Group, one of our key Thai customers,” he continued. “By taking direct control of our commercial activities in Thailand, we have been able to successfully develop our business.” TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd. provides services to clients in need of industrial system integration solutions and is working towards developing their business in renewable energy and photo-voltaic projects (PV). Demand for solar-power generation is expected to increase in Thailand, a country with relatively high solar-radiation. The country’s set to increase its PV capacity to six gigawatts by 2036. TMEIC is actively promoting solar-power generation through its highly efficient, global market-leading PV inverters.

Japan - Kiyotaka Machida, President & CEO of TMEIC

Kiyotaka Machida, President & CEO of TMEIC

By utilizing this power source, the company is delivering highly-efficient electronic products, motors and drive systems to customers across Asia. “With strong existing teams in Thailand and Indonesia, we are now evaluating opportunities in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar,” says Poli. “While Singapore remains interesting for Petrochemical and Oil and Gas, we see opportunities in the offshore and marine sectors. Through our expertise, we intend to penetrate other key industries and increase our market share. With our material handling experience, we would also like to partner with PSA Corporation Ltd. in the future.” Poli concludes, “As we strive to reach our medium and long-term goals, Singapore is the best location for a company such as TMEIC. As we continue to strengthen our regional activities, our decision to base the company in Singapore will play a key role in our future success”.

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