Spring-boarding from Singapore to Asia and the rest of the world

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Spring-boarding from Singapore to Asia and the rest of the world

As a leader in the development and production of electronic components, TOKIN Corporation (formerly NEC TOKIN) has transitioned into a fully-owned subsidiary of US based, KEMET Corporation. KEMET purchased thirty-four percent of the company’s share and fifty-one percent of the company’s voting rights in 2013 when it was still a subsidiary of NEC Corporation.

“We have enjoyed a strong relationship with KEMET and previously promoted the expansion of our electrical device business together”, says Shigenori Oyama, President of TOKIN Corporation. “When NEC Corporation exited from its hardware business, we seized the opportunity to incorporate ourselves into the KEMET Group and have combined our strengths to reach out to the market.”

Streamlining the business has led to the sale of the company’s electro-mechanical devices (EMD) business in order to focus on capacitors, electro-magnetic components (EMC), piezoelectric devices and sensor actuators.

Japan - Shigenori Oyama, President, Tokin Corporation

Shigenori Oyama, President, Tokin Corporation

The company’s manufacturing capabilities are anchored by its facilities in Thailand and Vietnam which represent fifty percent of total production.

Japan - TOKIN Headquarters, Japan

TOKIN Headquarters, Japan.

“From a manufacturing and design standpoint, Southeast Asia is our most important market,” explains Oyama. “In 1997, we became one of the first Japanese companies to establish operations in Vietnam and more recently, we shifted production of magnetic components from China to Vietnam.”

From automotive electronics, industrial equipment, environment and energy and medical devices, TOKIN Corporation plans to serve some of the world’s largest companies.

“While fifty percent of our customers are currently Japanese, our relationship with KEMET Group will allow us to access customers in Europe and the Americas”, says Oyama.

Spring-boarding from the company’s regional headquarters in Singapore, TOKIN Corporation remains committed to Asia.

“We see tremendous opportunity in Southeast Asia”, says Oyama. “We are dedicated to strengthening our production and sales in our key markets across the region and will continue to meet the demands of our Asian and international customers.”

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