Strengthening its Position in China

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Strengthening its Position in China


Established in 1974, Hoyer has become a pioneer amongst the small and medium sized Danish businesses established in Asia. The company today has activities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, the Benelux region and China. With the successful completion of an all-inclusive corporate rebranding, the Hoyer Group is now positioning itself as a global player with an international strategy.

Thomas Klausen, Sales Manager of Hoyer explains, “Having recently re-branded ourselves, we are in a stronger position to provide better efficiency in our approach to customers and partners. Through the creation of our two strategic business units: Hoyer Motors and Hoyer Transmissions we have streamlined the company and fully expect an annual growth of at least 20% until 2015”.

Hoyer supplies electric motors for hydraulic units, pumps, ventilation systems and deck cranes for both land-based and marine sectors. As a logistics and technical partner, Hoyer also creates value for customers by helping them optimize their working processes and supply chains.


The company established Hoyer Motors Asia, in Ningbo, China in 2007 to provide their European customers in Asia with high quality products and services. Hoyer’s focus today is on Chinese and Asian customers within the shipping industry.

“China continues to be our most important market in Asia and our sales there make a huge contribution to the entire company,” says Klausen. “We have already expanded our facilities in Ningbo and are projecting further growth in the future. Our European customers in China appreciate that we offer the same service and quality as our operations in Europe”.

While Hoyer has its sights set on customers in other important Asian markets including Japan, South Korea and Singapore, China remains the key to the company’s Asian growth strategy.

Klausen concludes, “We are looking forward to creating new business relationships and commercial initiatives and intend to be a reliable supplier of marine motors to customers throughout the Asian region. As we grow, Hoyer will remain committed to strengthening its position in China”.

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Leading supplier of electric motors for various applications including hydraulic units, pumps and ventilation systems within both land-based industry and the marine sector.

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