Supplying South America with Quality Products from China and Asia

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Supplying South America with Quality Products from China and Asia

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Mark Argy , CEO and President, Capricorn

With over five decades of experience as a leading trading firm in South America, Capricorn represents the biggest Chinese groups and enterprises engaged in a wide range of industries including food, power, construction and electrical.

“We supply steel towers for transmission lines, technology products, textiles, chemicals, plastics and a diverse selection of other products sourced from our reliable partners in China,” says Mark Argy, President of Capricorn. “We are currently working on the largest transmission line project in South America.Our supplier for the project is the largest steel tower manufacturer in the world.”

The company has been active in China for twenty-five years and has established close relations with Chinese businesses.Capricorn has also benefited from the free trade agreement (FTA) signed between China and Chile in 2005. “When you eliminate tariffs on steel and chemical products,you create an enormous advantage for businesses and ultimately, customers,” says Argy.

Capricorn also has offices in Lima, Peru and Medellin, Colombia and will set up a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the coming months.

Capricorn’s office in Guangzhou is dedicated to quality-control to ensure products are tested before they are shipped to Chile. “We support many large South American companies with offices in China who ask us to support them in monitoring suppliers from a quality and delivery perspective,” explains Argy. “We share our expertise and experience in China while connecting Chinese companies to partners in South America.”

As demand for Chinese products in South America continues to increase, Argy constantly evaluates suppliers looking to serve his customers in the region. “We are planning to establish joint venture projects with Chinese companies in Chile and are in discussion with large groups in China,” says Argy. “Today, Chinese companies are being encouraged to enter international markets and to import more foreign products into China. In both cases, they need international partners and we can fulfill that role for them.”

With a firm strategy in place Capricorn looks set to strengthen its relationship with China. Argy concludes, “The quality of Chinese made products continues to improve. In the beginning, we simply imported basic raw materials – today, we import high technology products. We will continue to grow in line with the reputation and quality of Chinese products.”

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