Taking an Active Role in International Markets

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Taking an Active Role in International Markets


Noboru Sugiyama, Chairman, Fujikura Asia Ltd.

Established in 1885, Fujikura delivers solutions to the telecommunications, energy, electronics, automotive and other industries. As one of Japan’s largest producer of electric wires, cables, optical fiber and related products, Fujikura’s extensive product range and dedicated solutions have enabled the company to successfully expand throughout Asia.

In the 1980’s, vital infrastructure projects were commissioned throughout Asia to drive the region’s development. Seeing an opportunity to grow its business, Fujikura established a regional headquarters in Singapore in 1987 to offer high quality products with a customer focused service.

“We are proud that Singapore was one of our first overseas manufacturing facilities,” says Yasuyuki Oda, Executive Officer and General Manager of Fujikura. “Though we stopped manufacturing in Singapore when the knowledge-based economy overtook the manufacturing industry, Singapore has been our key regional office for over twenty five years and remains a very important market for us”.

Fujikura has been responsible for several large-scale telecommunication and oil & gas projects in the region and has successfully partnered with large local companies. Today Fujikura remains the world’s number one brand in optical fiber fusion splicers and continues to supply optical fibers all over the world.


“Our focus is on foreign markets, particularly in Asia because of the growth being seen in the region”, says Oda. “Large scale infrastructure projects require power cables and systems, and telecommunications and there are many being undertaken in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar”.

Fujikura has sixty-two overseas subsidiaries and international business represents forty six percent of the company’s total business. “As part of our 2015 Mid-Term Business Plan, we want to increase our overseas business,” says Oda. “We are strategically focusing on the development of our telecommunications and energy-related businesses in China, South America, India and of course Southeast Asia. We want to contribute to the ‘nation-building’ in those emerging countries by growing the local joint venture companies together with local partners. This year we have established two companies both in Indonesia and Brazil”.

With renewed efforts to strengthen their global reach, Fujikura is relying on superior products, innovative technology and high standards customer service to drive international growth.

“We provide customers around the world with highly reliable products and quality services, which are major components of our core values”, says Oda. “Particularly in ASEAN region, Noboru Sugiyama, Chairman of Fujikura Asia Ltd. in Singapore intends to contribute play a key role in the growth of the ASEAN region through our commitment to world-leading infrastructure development projects”.

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