Teijin Aramid –Building on a Solid Customer Base

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Teijin Aramid –Building on a Solid Customer Base

Aramid fibers are a class of synthetic fibers noted for their exceptional strength and thermal stability. With a unique chemical structure, Aramid fibers are five times tougher than steel and can withstand temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius.

As a part of Japan’s Teijin Limited and with its HQ located in the Netherlands, Teijin Aramid is the world-leader in the production of para-aramid, marketed as ‘Twaron’ and ‘Technora’ as well as one of the market leaders in the production of meta-aramid, marketed as ‘Teijinconex’.

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Mr. Gert Frederiks, CEO and President, Teijin Aramid

“From high-performance tires, fiber-optic cables, airplanes and helicopters, lithium batteries, mattresses, ropes, military and police equipment, ‘Twaron’ can be found literally everywhere”, says Gert Frederiks, President and CEO of Teijin Aramid.

“By being tougher and lighter than steel, non-magnetic and maintenance-free, ‘Twaron’ is the ideal material for almost anything and given its light-weight properties, it is also an energy efficient material”.

With strong corporate social responsibility commitments, Teijin Aramid is constantly sharing products and technology with society and today ‘Twaron’ can be found at one of Amsterdam’s most notable attractions, the Stedelijk Museum.

“We worked with the architect to extend the Stedelijk Museumusing ‘Twaron’ which has a negative expansion coefficient”, says Frederiks. “Any other material would have been ‘expandable’ and therefore unsuitable”.

Frederiks, who has been heading Teijin Aramid since 2010,recently announced an increase in capacity of more than twenty five per cent over the next five years in order to cope with high demand.

“We are looking forward to the future and fully expect demand to increase as we strengthen our existing customer base by winning new business”.


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