The International Approach to Business

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The International Approach to Business

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and containers are used throughout today’s food and beverage and packaging industries. As environmentally friendly products, PET products consist of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and the plastic resin is lightweight, strong, odourless and can be shaped into almost any modern design requirement.


Kota Aoki, President & CEO, Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd.

Established five years after the PET bottle was patented, Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd. is a pioneer in injection stretched blow moulding (ISBM) machines used to form PET containers.

The pioneering technologies offered by the company are world renowned for delivering customized moulding solutions. Nissei ASB Machine’s range of products is ideally suited to the needs of custom moulding companies and small and medium size ‘in-line’ filling operators.

“Our company was established thirty five years ago, shortly after the PET bottle was patented,” says Kota Aoki, the son of the founder and current President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissei ASB Machine. “We started our business in the U.S. before developing our local customer base which gave us a unique approach and as a result, our reputation as an innovative company developed rapidly”.


Today, the Japanese market accounts for approximately fifteen percent of the company’s business while overseas markets make up the majority of the company’s business activities. Nissei ASB Machines are exported around the world from the company’s facilities in Nagano, Japan and Mumbai, India.

“We invested in India in 1997 and have continuously expanded our manufacturing capabilities in the country”, says Aoki. “We are now interested in establishing another facility in Southeast Asia due to the growth and stability throughout the region and the affinity countries have towards Japan.”

Acting as a regional hub, the company’s Singapore subsidiary is responsible for sales in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and South Africa.

“As a company with an international focus, I would like to continuously increase our foreign employees here in Japan”, says Aoki. “I feel Singaporeans would be a great addition to our team and I am impressed with the country’s role as a financial hub and the high level of talent found in Singapore. Many Japanese companies are interested in ASEAN countries but we must continue to improve the way we communicate and adapt to local cultures. By utilizing our individual strengths, we can benefit from working together.”

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