The Port of Valparaiso- Bringing Chile and China Closer Together

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The Port of Valparaiso- Bringing Chile and China Closer Together

Chile - Gonzalo Davagnino General Manager Port of Valparaiso

Erick Novoa M. , Marketing Manager, Puerto Valparaiso

The Port of Valparaiso is Chile’s main container and passenger port and one of the South Pacific’s most important seaports. Today, considering Port of Valparaiso cargo throughput, China has become number one import partner and number two export partner and the Port is facilitating an increasing amount of trade between the two countries.

“Since the Free Trade Agreement between our countries was established in 2005, total cargo through the Port has increased from 5.8 million tons in the first year to more than 11 million tons in 2014,” says Gonzalo Davagnino, General Manager of the Port of  Valparaiso. “By 2014, 30 per cent of imports trough Port of Valparaiso were from China”.

Increased bilateral trade and the Port of Valparaiso’s ‘brotherhood-agreement’ with the Port of Shanghai symbolize strong connections between Chile and China.

Today, ongoing developmental plans of the Port of Valparaiso present tremendous opportunities for Chinese investors, port operators and infrastructure developers.

The Port has been awarding concessions to leading global firms to operate and expand Terminals 1 and 2; allowing the Port to serve four Post Panamax vessels simultaneously.

Future projects include a new world-class passenger terminal, an inter modal station to handle increased transshipped rail cargo and a third 2.2 million twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) unit capacity terminal.

“These significant projects may eventually require a concessionaire to build and operate them,” says Davagnino. “We feel these projects could be attractive for Chinese investors looking for opportunities in Chile as both countries continue to strengthen their already very close relationship”.

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