The Soy Renaissance

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The Soy Renaissance


Fuji Oil is revolutionizing the soymilk market. The company’s ‘Soy Renaissance’ is based on the company’s ‘Ultra Soy Separation’ (USS) manufacturing method which creates ‘low-fat soymilk’ and ‘soymilk cream’. USS separates the raw ingredient soy, using a similar process to that used to separate raw milk and this patented soy-separating and fractionating technology is driving Fuji Oil’s international growth.

“The USS process enables us to eliminate the distinct flavour of soy creating more varied possibilities in cuisine from ‘low-fat soymilk’ and ‘soymilk cream’” products, explains Hiroshi Shimizu, Fuji Oil President and Chief Executive Officer. “The process also involves the addition of an ‘Umami’ which acts as an enhancing property in order to create a more functional and varied, high quality end product”.

‘Umami’ is a Japanese word to describe a specific savoury taste and is considered one of the five basic tastes which include sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

“We want to educate consumers about our innovative and safety driven production methods and technologies as they have a direct impact on the food consumers are purchasing”, says Shimizu. “Although we are a business to business company, when we develop our technology, we always have the well-being of consumers in mind.”


The company’s two business units are soy proteins and oils and fats, with the latter focusing on the downstream production of margarines, chocolates, whipped cream and other products. With about fifty percent of Fuji Oil’s business driven by the Japanese market, the company recognises the importance of strengthening its overseas sales channels.

“We are focused on the management of our technology, the company’s global strategy and our drive for sustainability”, says Shimizu. “Global growth is very important for us and our future strategy as we want to optimize our operations and develop our business within the growing Asian market”.

The company established Fuji Oil Asia in Singapore last year to manage the company’s growing global business. The office now covers activities in many countries from South Korea and New Zealand to North and South African markets.

“Through our regional office in Singapore, we aim to work more closely with our international clients and reach out to new customers to develop our business”, says Tomoyuki Yoshida, Managing Director of Fuji Oil Asia.

Shimizu concludes, “As we continue to deliver our proven technology to our international customers, we remain committed to providing innovative solutions and customer focused support”.

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