Twenty years of success within Singapore’s shipping society

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Twenty years of success within Singapore’s shipping society

Fujio Sekiguchi, President and Ryo Sekiguchi, Director, Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd. (1)

Fujio Sekiguchi, President and Ryo Sekiguchi, Director, Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd.

Singapore has successfully established itself as a key international player within the global energy, chemical and shipping industries. By delivering complete value-chain solutions to customers, Singaporean based shipping companies are continuing to successfully connect Singapore to the world.

Privately owned Japanese shipping company Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd. established Koyo Kaiun Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore in 1996 and is continuing to strengthen its Singaporean and international businesses. “While our company history dates back to 1949, this year marks our twentieth anniversary in Singapore and fifty years since we focused on our international chemical tanker business,” says Fujio Sekigucihi, President and second-generation-ship-owner of Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd. “Singapore’s position as an Asian center for the chemical industry makes it our most important market and the backbone of our activities; including our Inter-South East Asian regional liner service.” Koyo Kaiun Asia Pte. Ltd. initially covered Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam with only one 7,300 dead weight Tonnes(DWT) vessel. Today, the company has nine vessels between 8,500 to 14,000 DWT and continues to work in close partnership with clients across Asia in order to grow its business. “Our expansion reflects the strong economic growth we have seen across the Asia over the last two decades,” says Sekiguchi. “Today our client-base includes Japanese trading companies and large international oil and energy sector group companies”. Having developed a reputation for delivering quality-driven logistics services, in 2010 Koyo Kaiun Asia Pte. Ltd. launched its Asia and North American service.With an office in Houston and five vessels currently serving this route, the company is able to provide North American customers with a direct link to Singapore and the region. As Asia’s energy and chemical sectors continue to develop, Sekiguchi is looking forward to Koyo Kaiun Co. Ltd’s next twenty years in Singapore. “We are very grateful to Singapore for welcoming us and hosting us for the last twenty years,” says Sekiguchi. “We have the utmost respect for Singapore as a model of development, particularly in its industrial sectors.We will play an active role in Singapore’s shipping society and we look forward to continuously better serve our customers in Singapore and around the world”.

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