UECC leads the European “Ro-Ro” shipping industry

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UECC leads the European “Ro-Ro” shipping industry

Operating within Europe and with a fleet of 17 pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs), UECC, or United European Car Carriers, is a company that has created a good reputation in the “Ro-Ro” roll-on roll-off shipping industry since it was established in 1990.

As the company celebrates 30 years in the industry, it also celebrates the milestones it has achieved throughout the years.

In 2010, UECC created its liner trading network covering the whole of Europe. The short-sea carrier also launched the delivery of the world’s first and biggest dual-fuel liquefied natural gas (LNG) PCTCs, the MV Auto Eco and the MV Auto Energy in 2016.

Recently in 2019, UECC ordered a series of three battery-hybrid LNG PCTC vessels from China Ship- Building Trading Co. and Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., which will take the company beyond the International Maritime Organization’s 40 percent target of reducing carbon emissions by 2030.

As part of its long-term goals, UECC is focused on investing in more environmentally friendly solutions for its business operations.

Glenn Edvardsen, CEO of UECC  |  © UECC
Artist’s impression of UECC’s new Battery Hybrid LNG PCTC. The first in a series of three to be delivered to UECC in the middle of 2021.  |  © UECC
With all its achievements, UECC credits its success to the people behind the business. “The company’s competitive advantages lies in our professional, dedicated and extremely experienced staff members whom we consider as the most important asset and cornerstone of our company,” said Glenn Edvardsen, CEO of UECC.

“The most valuable part of our company is the people — the human capital — any plans to move the business forward has to start there,” he concluded.


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