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‘If you can be anything, be kind’ – Anon

As we all continue to face the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people around the world are doing their best to remain positive and help others in any way they can.

First reported in November 2019, the coronavirus originated in China and has spread rapidly across the globe and these are worrying times for us all. With alarming numbers of infections worldwide, lock down measures to reduce the spread of the virus and a shrinking global economy, it can be hard to stay positive and play even a small role in this crisis.

However, people and businesses around the world are supporting vulnerable members of society and giving what they can. Good deeds and acts of kindness are becoming more important than ever in a world facing overwhelming challenges.

In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) is receiving tremendous support from kind-hearted people around the world. Captain Tom Moore, a 99 year old war veteran raised £27m for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday on April 30th.

‘Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5’ – A new 5km running challenge on Instagram hopes to raise millions of pounds. The challenge calls on people all over the world to walk or run 5km, donate £5 to the NHS and tag five friends to do likewise.

People are helping those less fortunate than themselves by supporting front line workers, contributing financially to charities and engaging in even the smallest act of kindness.

Nobody is certain how long this pandemic will continue but a little kindness, compassion and a collective effort from us all will help lighten the burden during these challenging times.

What will you do today?



Philippines government programs have been implemented to support the most vulnerable members of society. Residents of the province of La Union, Philippines receiving relief goods

Medical professionals

Lifecore Bio Integrative Clinic supporting the safety of frontline workers. At the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, medical professionals donated food and COVID-19 testing kits and conducted rapid testing in Sampaloc City, Metro Manila, the Philippines.

 Caring communities – From fashion, to face masks

In Zamboanga City, Philippines, slow-fashion brand ‘Linea Etnika’ empowered the Yakan People to develop, produce and distribute face masks for front line workers and less fortunate members of the local community.

The masks from the Yakan People are part of a community initiative led by Celso Lobregat, the father of Liniea Etnika\’s founder Looie Lobregat. The first initiative was overseen by Edwin Caliolio, President of Southern City Colleges. To date 7,500 clothe-washable face masks have been delivered. Secondly, Looie Lobregat, encouraged Yakan weavers to use traditional Yakan material to produce face masks. The third initiative involved Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College providing materials for the production of thousands of face masks using traffeta clothe, felon, pongee fabric and garter.


Putting any rivalries aside, schools and colleges such as Assumption College High School and Ateneo Law Student Council are working together.

Assumption College High School Graduates are raising funds to buy protective gear (N95 masks and face shields) for frontline workers at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). PGH was chosen as it is not under the Department of Health.

The Ateneo Law Student Council, led by Marj de Castro mobilised volunteers to make much-needed face shields.


AB Heineken Philippines

“We are happy to be able to help during this crisis through the generosity of our employees and AB Heineken”, said Managing Director Jiri Danek. “Despite the lockdowns and bans from different areas, we found an opportunity to lend a helping hand and show solidarity with our communities.”

The company has partnered with Globe Communications Telecom and Grab Philippines to collect donations online to support frontline workers. Employees have also raised a COVID-19 relief fund for frontline workers and people impacted by the pandemic.

A five-day fundraising drive initiated by AB Heineken Philippines lead to the purchase of 600 cases of hydration products for medical and non-medical staff from The Philippine General Hospital, City Hospital of Cabuyao, and Northern Mindanao Medical Centre. The total amount of funds raised was also matched by AB Heineken Philippines.

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines

On March 20th 2020, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. re-channeled Php 150 million of its advertising budgets toward COVID-19 relief efforts. The company mobilized the provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) for frontline responders; distributed food packs to vulnerable communities and delivered beverages to hospitals, national government agencies, local government units and NGOs.

“These initiatives form only the initial phase of our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact in communities and among the most vulnerable,” says Winn Everhart, Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager. “Alongside our valued partners, we are committed to the spirit of ‘bayanihan’ believing that as long as we weather this crisis while lifting up our fellow countrymen, we can look forward to a better-shared future.”

In addition, with over 19 production facilities, over 70 distribution centres and 10,000 direct employees in the country, Coca-Cola continues to manufacture and deliver essential hydration needs.

“We have all been witnessing the generosity of spirit, the hard work, and the unparalleled dedication of the thousands upon thousands of frontline workers in the medical sector and across various industries, and it is incumbent upon every one of us to support them in any way we can,” says Gareth McGeown, President and CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc., the bottling arm of Coca-Cola in the country.


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