Working closely with customers to create success stories across Southeast Asia

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Working closely with customers to create success stories across Southeast Asia

Real GDP growth rates across Southeast Asia are expected to remain robust for the foreseeable future, with an average growth rate of 6.2 over the next five years. Southeast Asia is seen as today’s most dynamic economic region with opportunities across key industrial sectors.

Through its regional headquarters in Singapore, Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation in Asia (TMEIC Asia Pte. Ltd.), has expanded and is further increasing its network across other regions of Southeast Asia. Leveraging its expertise in the design, development and engineering of advanced automation systems, variable speed drives and large rotating machinery, TMEIC is continuously securing new businesses across the region.

“The recent opening of our office in Thailand has allowed us to grow our business, particularly in the oil and gas and power related industries,” says Stefano Poli, outgoing President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia. “We are also working with customers in the sugar mills and water treatment industries.”

The company’s expansion into Indonesia is also beginning to bear fruit.

“In September of last year we secured a significant contract with a pulp and paper company”, says Poli. “We are simultaneously developing our activities in key industries in Indonesia and our business is growing”.

Renewable energy is an important growth sector in Southeast Asia. As the world’s leading industrial system integrator with three decades of manufacturing, research and development experience in renewable energy, TMEIC’s solar power solutions are in demand. The company’s Solar Ware® Samurai 1500VDC photovoltaic (PV) inverter offers customers the highest level of power conversion efficiency, maximizing output power capacity and significantly reducing operating costs.

TMEIC’s SOLAR WARE 630, redefines the PV utility scale solar inverter solution in reliability, efficiency and productivity

TMEIC’s SOLAR WARE 630, redefines the PV utility scale solar inverter solution in reliability, efficiency and productivity.

“In relation to this product, we have received Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Company of the Year’ award for three consecutive years for ‘revolutionizing PV utility-scale solar inverter solutions in terms of market reliability, efficiency and productivity’,” says Poli.

The TM21-G Series motor, another product being marketed across the region, requires minimal maintenance, offers exceptional reliability and is compliant with global standards.

“Thailand and Indonesia are important markets for our company and sales of our products,” explains Hiroki Nagasaka, the newly appointed President and Managing Director of TMEIC Asia. “The TM21-G Series motors are designed for small to medium sized facilities and are cost-efficient”.

With a center of excellence established in Thailand and a growing business in Indonesia, Nagasaka is exploring opportunities across the rest of the region.

“From our operations in Thailand, we are looking in particular at the mining sector in Laos and the power sector in Myanmar”, says Nagasaka. “Our next target market will be the Philippines as the current administration is very pro-business and we see the number of investment projects increasing, including material handling, renewable energy and mining. We are establishing strong relationships in the Philippines and intend to open a branch office in the Philippines later this year to serve a range of industrial sectors.”

As the company continues to strengthen its position across the region, its localization strategy is guided by TMEIC’s President, Masahiko Yamawaki’s vision of ‘Acting Agile by Taking a Customer First Approach’ – an initiative echoed by Nagasaka as he expands his company’s capabilities in the region.

“TMEIC values Southeast Asia as a market and the countries which make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is becoming an increasingly important market in Asia,” concludes Nagasaka. “The region has the most important coefficient of growth and we intend to remain customer-oriented by being responsive to market and client demands.”

“We recognize Southeast Asia is a fast-growing market and our presence in Singapore allows us to coordinate our businesses across our current regional markets: Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. As we look towards future growth markets, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, we will work closely with our customers to create synergies which lead to success stories across the region”.

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