Yasuragi – A Japanese spa hotel in a Nordic setting

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Yasuragi – A Japanese spa hotel in a Nordic setting

Only 20 minutes outside Stockholm, Sweden, you will find a place where Japanese culture has made an imprint in the Nordic mind. This is no ordinary spa hotel. The building was designed by renowned Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima in the 1970´s as a school for the Swedish Trade Union. Inspired by Kasajima´s aesthetics, over twenty years ago the decision was made to transform the school into a Japanese onsen. This proved to be a great success and Swedes rushed to experience ‘Yasuragi’, the name given to this new spa experience.
Superior Room with Futon Matresses
Owned and operated since 2006 by Nordic Choice Hotels, Yasuragi today has a strong position on the Nordic spa and conference scene.

The company invested a significant amount of capital in creating a whole new Japanese bathhouse. The new architecture is a modern, asymmetric version of a Japanese emperor’s courtyard, with a large pool at its architectural heart. Here you can bask in the warmth of the indoor and outdoor Japanese hot spring baths, pamper yourself with soothing spa treatments and enjoy relaxing activities.

The spa includes a Kyoto-inspired pool

Photos provided by: Yasuragi

The hotel offers 191 guest rooms, all with a view of the sea and simple aesthetics based on traditional Japanese design. In addition you will find a conference facility with twenty three meeting rooms, the largest of which can hold up to four hundred participants. Food plays an important part of every guests stay at Yasuragi and there are three different restaurants; vegan, à la carte and teppanyaki. Water and pine trees surround Yasuragi and guests can even enjoy a stroll around the Japanese garden.

Yasuragi is operated with passion by a company that contributes to a more sustainable world on every level. Staff promise guests a place where they can unwind, rediscover their innate energy and go home with renewed strength. CEO, Mrs Sunniva Fallan Rod has a strong belief that people who have more energy and are in touch with their inner-selves are more likely to make better decisions and do good deeds. Helping people unwind and relax is an important and powerful tool for creating a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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