Yokogawa: Agents of Technology and Innovation

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Yokogawa: Agents of Technology and Innovation

Since its establishment in 1994, PT Yokogawa Indonesia has proudly contributed to Indonesian society through technology transfer and co-innovation in the areas of engineering, measurement, control and automation.

“Yokogawa’s strength in Indonesia is the reliable local support we provide to our users,” said Sudarto Ramli, technical director of Yokogawa Indonesia. “The oil and gas industries are our main contributors. Major projects from these sectors have provided perfect battlegrounds for local capability development over the last 24 years.”

Japan - Hiroaki Wakui, Managing Director of Meiden Asia Pte Ltd and Ko Yamamoto, Managing Director of Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd

Yokogawa Indonesia’s leadership team: Sudarto Ramli, Director Technical Unit; Tulus Sadono, Sales and Marketing Director; Fatmadian Darman, Director of Corporate Planning and Administration; Rei Asao, President Director

Yokogawa is one of the leading automation providers in the liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) industry. In Indonesia, Yokogawa’s business has grown since 2016 as a result of its involvement as an automation system supplier to the LNG industry.

Yokogawa Indonesia was chosen as a host for the Yokogawa Users Conference for Asia Pacific that was held in Bandung in February. The event brought together industrial experts from across the region to discuss solutions, introduce new innovations and share the best practices designed to enhance plant processes and operations.

In his opening speech, Takashi Nishijima, president and CEO of Yokogawa Electric Corp., announced the company’s new Synaptic Business Automation concept. Nishi jima reaffirmed the company’s commitment to developing the latest information technologies to help its customers transform and optimize their businesses.

“We treat our customers like partners and gain their trust by understanding their needs and training their people,” said Rei Asao, president director of PT Yokogawa Indonesia.

“When customers better understand our capability and advice on how we can support their needs, they’ll be able to create sustainable systems for better production,” said Ramli.

In 2015, Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing signed a memorandum of understanding with Yokogawa Indonesia that focused on cooperation in human resource capabilities in the water supply sector. Centers of Excellence have been established in Bali and Kota Malang in conjunction with the memorandum to serve as exemplars of operationally efficient automated systems. The partnership is essential for achieving the Indonesian government’s target of delivering 100 percent safe water access by 2019.

“In our efforts to co-create a brighter future for Indonesia, we have collaborated with several universities and polytechnic schools,” explained Fatmadian Darman, director of corporate planning and administration at Yokogawa.

“We hold workshops to share practical industrial applications aimed at helping students further their studies.”

“In the coming years, we hope to win more public utility projects and diversify our portfolio to include more petrochemical and oleo-chemical business partners,” concluded Asao.


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